Diabetic Retinopathy for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist

About the Book

This book is designed to transfer useful techniques for the clinical management of diabetic patients. It is an attempt to go beyond the results of clinical trials and to address the nuances of treating diabetics by compressing the author’s clinical experience into a format that hopefully makes it easy to expand your skills. It does not start with the fundamentals; instead, it is assumed that the reader can do a basic examination and is at least partially familiar with various tests such as fluorescein angiography and optical coherence tomography. The book is written for residents, beginning retina fellows, and comprehensive ophthalmologists that are recently out of training-- as well as for anyone interested in broadening their understanding of these complex patients.

Dr. Jonathan Walker is a retina specialist in private practice and a clinical assistant professor at Indiana University School of Medicine, Fort Wayne.

Please note that the book is now several years old—it covers the basics but not the most recent data. A second edition is in the works.

"Diabetic Retinopathy for the Comprehensive Ophthalmologist delivers exactly what it promises: an appropriately balanced, straightforward guide to the management of diabetic retinopathy geared toward the general ophthalmologist."

British Journal of Ophthalmology

"The book is extremely useful for anybody who treats this blinding disease."

Professor Benjamin Miller, Israel